ascher clemens

bauer paul

bohusch wolfgang

bollenberger ulrike

brucic carmen

de keller sandra

del missier renée

freuis catharina

gavrich irina

girardoni johannes

guschelbauer markus

hardegg luise

hosch rainer

klomfar bruno

koller severin

larcher claudia

manfredi anja

monaco julie

nguyen monika

oberndorfer markus

okazaki elsa

oláh stefan

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rodiek romy

sailer gregor

schell moritz

schmid anita


traxler helga

waldschütz andreas

zeisel magdalena

ziegler laurent



Participation at the Exhibition Uncommon Places (2017) | Goethe Institut Hong Kong
An Exhibition in cooperation with Goethe-Institut Hongkong and Austrian Consulate General Hongkong
Participation at the Exhibition Uncommon Places (2015)

'Weltumrundung /Around the World'
On a freighter trip across the Atlantic to New York, the idea of simply continuing on, traveling indefinitely, arises. Six and Petritsch decide to complete a single circuit around the Earth and thus fulfill their desire to travel »around the world,«. In order to travel and trace the length of the Earth’s circumference, Six and Petritsch generate a concentrated, closed situation: they drive their Saxy mopeds on a two-kilometer-long former racetrack in northern Spain at an average speed of approximately forty kilometers per hour. It lies on the prime meridian, and its round shape recalls a distorted sphere or globe (the Earth). Added to this are 1,760 kilometers due to the Earth’s rotation on its axis, 107,208 kilometers due to the Earth’s rotation around the sun, and 960,000 kilometers due to the sun’s orbit around the center of the galaxy. In order to document the action, Six and Petritsch divide the track into twelve parts, to resemble the face of a clock. Twenty-four-hour exposures are made using a pinhole camera that advances one position each day, like an hour hand. The images, inscribed on analog film, capture the entire period of their journey, but Six and Petritsch are invisible because of the long exposure.


Nicole Six (*1971) and Paul Petritsch (*1968) are based in Vienna and collaborate since 1997
on performative, filmic, photographic and sculptural works.








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