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Participation at the Exhibition Uncommon Places (2015)

'Lost And'
The Photographic series `Lost And´ by Luise Hardegg was taken in Wonder Valley California. While driving through the dessert Hardegg asked herself who might have lived once in this ghostly and feral environment. Digging deeper she found out it was a wave of people with pioneering blood in their veins who moved there to build up a living during the 50s. What the Los Angeles Times called "one of the strangest land rushes in Southern California history" died down by the late '50s. Later on in the years of 2000 people tried to escape expensive housing in LA. They found pleasure to start a new life and were drawn by this unique homestead surrounding for lowest possible cost. And yet the houses are left just a few years later. Expectations were not fulfilled, living in the dessert turned out to rough and challenging.

Desert Magazine, 1950:
Jackrabbit homesteads are only for folks who have a bit of pioneering blood in their veins. The land generally is rough, no water is immediately available, more or less road building has to be done. But fortunately there are many Americans who find infinite pleasure in doing the hard work necessary to provide living accommodations on one of these sites—and cabins are springing up all over the desert country.


Participation at the VIP Program PARIS PHOTO LOS ANGELES at Fitzpatrick Leland House (2015)

1 out of SERIES 1-4
One important place for the exchange of ideas was the salon and still is. But whether real or not, or merely label: The fact is that the "salon, new" is booming. In a fast paced world, we have renewed interest in the opposite - in depth, the digression. Of real contact with artists, real conversations. "A person who attracts people imagination, get people talking, that's what makes a salon.“ And the hope of familial intimacy in the city and those "good people to meet." To talk or more.
Luise Hardegg´s Series 1- 4, `Salon´ is a series of photographs taken in private salons. In the Article of Musee Magazine `Highlights from Vienna´, Mona Kuhn said, „Luise Hardegg created a satirical portrait based on the Austrian drag queen Conchita Wurst, winner

of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. Luise juxtaposes the irreverent portrait with the stereotypical Austrian aristocratic salon“

A Portrait of the Austrian Princess Stefanie Windisch-Greatz. Painter and Granddaughter of Archduchess Elisabeth, which in turn is the granddaughter of Emperor Franz Josef.

'U - BOOT'
1 out of SERIES 1-5
NUDES - When the girls ride on, performance on installation. MESSAGE - Make Love not War.


Luise was born in Vienna. She lives and works in Vienna / London.



Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
MA University of Goldsmith, London
BA London Institude, London
Foundation Central Saint Martins





Gruppenaustellung Interior 2, curated by Lia Guluas
West 46, Körperteile
photo::vienna - werkschau, MAK - Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art in Vienna
Parallel Vienna (
Rundgang Akademie of Fine Arts Vienna
Solo show, Thema `Wurst` Edition Photo
Galerie Hilger Ankerbrotfabrik
Rundgang Akademie of Fine Arts Vienna