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Special Guest at PARIS PHOTO LOS ANGELES/ VIP Program, Fitzpatrick Leland House (2015)



'Exposed Icons'
Girardoni's ongoing series of over-painted photos, titled Exposed Icons, expands his exploration of light and material into the arena of photography. The subject of the photographs is advertising billboards; Girardoni collects images of billboards in urban and rural settings and exposes their hidden, mostly unseen side, subverting advertising's role as contemporary iconography. He reveals their structure by photo-graphing the billboards from behind, or documenting them during the transient state when they are blank. The artist first overlays multiple exposures of the same billboard, and then systematically builds and un-builds each work by digitally deconstructing and physically over-painting the photograph.

These works question the integrity of the photograph as a carrier of archived information by manipulating their content; image sections are removed, replaced with "digital pigment," and juxtaposed to the material paint applied over the photograph. The paint on top of the image — which the artist refers to as "flat sculpture" — functions in physical space and is in direct dialogue with adjacent, digitally altered information, blurring the boundary between virtual and material content. By bridging the two, the virtual information of the photograph and the physical structure of the paint are compressed into a single pictorial architecture. The artist removes and conceals areas of each image, while leaving other parts open, suspending the work in a constant shift between what is perceived as virtual and what is perceived as real, what is present and what is absent, and what is and is not the subject. The work's center remains undisclosed, engaging the viewer with the task of completing it.


Johannes Girardoni (born Austria, 1967) is an Austrian - American sculptor, installation and photo-artist known for immersive work that blurs the line between virtual and material content. His projects regularly lead him to diverse collaborations with architects, artists, scientists, software engineers, and fabricators.

In 2013, Girardoni completed a major in-situ permanent work, Metaspace 1 (The Infinite Room), a light and sound sculpture conceived as part of architecture in collaboration with Cooper Hewitt National Design Award winner Tom Kundig of Olson Kundig Architects.
Girardoni's work has been widely shown in the US and internationally, including at the 54th Venice Biennale, Italy, the Ludwig Museum, Germany, the Harvard Art Museum, Cambridge, MA, the California Center for Contemporary Art, and The Austrian Cultural Forum, New York.
Girardoni's Metaspace V2, a groundbreaking interactive sculpture project that brings together art, technology, and science, was first presented at the exhibition Off and On at Nye+Brown in Los Angeles and appeared in LA Weekly's Five Artsy Things to Do in L.A.
In 2014 Metaspace V2 was featured at TED2014 in Vancouver BC.
Girardoni has been the subject of features and reviews both nationally, and internationally, including in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, ArtNews, Art in America, and Sculpture. The artist studied at Bowdoin College, ME and at the M.I.T. Media Lab, and currently lives and works in Los Angeles.






Metaspace at TED 2014, Vancouver, BC, Canada 1
Chromasonic Field: Colorimetry, MOAH, Lancaster, CA 1
Johannes Girardoni, PDX Contemporary, Portland, OR 1
Fréquences & Forms, SNAP, Lyon, France 3
Off and On, Nye+Brown, Los Angeles, CA 1
The Infinite Room, WA1
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Neo-Povera, L+M Arts, Venice, CA3
Range, PDX Contemporary, Portland, OR3
Troublesome, Quint Contemporary, San Diego, CA3
Lost-and-Found, Tomlinson Kong Contemporary, New York, NY1
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Light, PDX Contemporary, Portland, OR3
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