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Participation at the Exhibition ARCHITECTURE | LANDSCAPE (2012)

"My work examines the disappearance of Nazi Germany‘s concrete fortification on the Atlantic Coast remnantsaround Cap Ferret. Not only their physical disappearance because of corrosion, water and sand, but also the'psychological' one that results from man 'redefining and converting' those relicts by using them in many different ways. A 'snapshot' of what a place like Cap Ferret is "now“, sixty years after the end of the Second World War. Getaway destination and historical location both at the same time."

Read more about the work: Looking at Bunker(photos) - Thoughts of a historian (Markus Oberndorfer: Foukauld - La Disparition, Fotohof edition, p 8-9) article - by Inge Marszolek


*1980, Gmunden; living and working in Vienna with a main focus on photography, photo- and stopmotion film as examination of the media itself.




Invitation for participation and presentation of “Disappearance ... “ at International
Expert Meeting „Redefining The Atlantic Wall“ -Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE) Amersfoort, NL
Diploma, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Matthias Herrmann/with mention)
“Art & Photography“, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Eva Schlegel & Matthias Herrmann)
School for Artistic Photography (Friedl Kubelka)
Student Assistant „Photography“, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Participation symposia of Society of New Phenomenology (Hermann Schmitz)
Several Assistances in the field of photography
Color-Fine-Art Printing in the photographic darkroom




Talent Award 2013, Land Oberösterreich, Bildende Kunst
Selection and Nomination to represent Austria at “Jeux de la Francophonie” by the Austrian Foreign Ministry (bm:eia) and OIF , Nice 2013
Nomination DZ-Bank Stipendium
Gold at European Design Awards 2013 bith bueronardin
Artist in Residency, bm:ukk, Cite des Arts, Paris
Artist in Residency, Verbund, Kölnbreinsperre, Malta 2011
Docuzone Austria Shortfilm Jury-Award 2006

Project-specific support by bm:ukk, Forum Culturel Autrichien Paris, Direktion Kultur OÖ, IG Romanistik




"Monat der Fotografie Wien", Exhibition & Book Presentation, Institut Français, Palais Clam Gallas (29.10.) (A)
"Monat der Fotografie Berlin", Curated by EIKON, Galerie Loris (10.10.) (D)
"Dialogue #05", Markus Oberndorfer & Max Schaffer, DI∞G, Vienna (A)
"Guest Teacher & Artist Talk", Nordic Art School Kokkola (FI)
"Am Ende der Sehnsucht. Fotografische Positionen zu Tod und Meer", Sylt:Quelle (D)
"Artist Talk. Under Pressure", Museum of Modern Art Mönchsberg, Salzburg (A)
"Under Pressure", Museum of Modern Art Mönchsberg, Salzburg (A)

"Fragile", Bawag Contemporary, Vienna (A)
"Preise & Talente 2013", Award ceremony & exhibition, OÖ Kulturquartier, Linz (A)
"Under Pressure", Museum of Modern Art Mönchsberg, curated by Katja Mittendorfer-Oppolzer, Salzburg (A)
"Se Souvenir", performance & exhibition in public space, La Pointe du Cap Ferret (F)
"VII.Jeux de la Francophonie", bm:eia, Concours Culturel, Nice (F)
"Gesammelt", Galerie Tracklhaus, Salzburg (A)
"Am Ende der Sehnsucht. Fotografische Positionen zu Tod und Meer", Altonaer Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte, Hamburg (D)
"Cash, Cans & Candy", Galerie Ernst Hilger, Vienna (A)
"What Would Thomas Bernhard Do?", Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna (A)
"Land in Sicht!", Museum of Modern Art Mönchsberg, Salzburg (A)
"Foukauld - La Disparition...", Bookpresentation, OstLicht, Gallery for Photography, Vienna (A)
"Industrie", OstLicht, Gallery for Photography, Vienna (A)





"AUTREMENT ON DEVIENT FOU..... (OmdU)" Monograph
Talk between Henri Lavrillat, Céline Foulon & Markus Oberndorfer
With essays by Inge Marszolek & Markus Oberndorfer
German & French. Linen hardcover silkscreened.
16 x 23 cm, 98 pages, different papers, 42 illustrations
Design & Typography: Nik Thönen
Edition: 400, Selfpublished, 28€
Release Date: June 6, 2014

With essays by Inge Marszolek, Wolf Langewitz and Markus Oberndorfer
German, French, English. Linen hardcover embossed.
22,2 x 28,2 cm, 106 pages, 57 color illustrations
Typography: Jack Usine & Paul Busk
ISBN 978-3-902675-71-2, Fotohof edition, 39€

more publications and features:


Art Collection „MdM Salzburg“
Art Collection „Verbund“
Art Collection „Stadt Wien“
Art Collection „Land Oberösterreich“
Riklin Foundation
Private Collections (A, CH, D, JP, F, ...)


My photography is a documentation of the pre-existing that is concerned with the „sensed space“ in presence of one or more objects rather than the only captured object itself, although it certainly is a trigger to take the picture at all.

It‘s the „relationship between the qualities of the surroundings and the human condition“ in which I am interested in. The attempt of capturing a „situation“ in the „here-and-now of the image“ and at the same time the attempt to satisfy my esthetic standards. These include choosing frames consciously, giving space or withdrawing it by putting a focus on details, where it is needed. I don‘t want to create an authentic image of reality. I try to capture what moves me personally, to tell stories and trigger chains of associations. Ideally, I aim for the spectator to plunge into an image and in succession to that into a story, respectively a situation on site (the place where he/she looks at an image). For me personally, most of the photos have to work in groups, as sequences or stories. They are supposed to show a wider context of things and allow cross references. At the same time, a single picture has to be strong enough to stand for itself. That is what I expect from my photography.

„The more you know about the spatiality of feeling, the higher the competence to built spaces of sensation/feeling.
Creating feelings means staging atmospheres.“

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