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Participation at the Exhibition ::MOODS:: (2013)

Irina Gavrichs photographic work for art and fashion magazines, newspapers, design and art catalogues has a very particular, almost poetic tone. It evolves from her personal view of the Œvre of other photographers, orchestrating compositions around models, be it an object or a person, and reinterpreting it in a new way. She uses intuition as a trigger for her camera, accomplishing her most emotional pictures. What you see is not a moment. It is a process. She enjoys to merge her passion for photography with her joy for staging and orchestrating entire scenes.


Irina Gavrich was born in the USSR, in very young age her parents moved to Austria. where they became austrian citizens. She studed Visualmedia Design in Graz and at Ortweinschule and graduated in Photography. She lives in Vienna and works between Vienna, Berlin, Paris and New York.