ascher clemens

bauer paul

bohusch wolfgang

bollenberger ulrike

brucic carmen

de keller sandra

del missier renée

freuis catharina

gavrich irina

girardoni johannes

guschelbauer markus

hardegg luise

hosch rainer

klomfar bruno

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zeisel magdalena

ziegler laurent



Participation at the Exhibition SENSITIVE VIEWING HABITS | a preview to photo::vienna #1 (2014)

'Study #2'
Paul Bauer tends to use different formal and conceptual approaches to his architectural works. While some of his series deal not only with architecture itself but also take interconnected social issues into account by making use of stylistic methods deprived from reportage photography, others, like 'Study #2', focus just on form. Having studied graphic design and been working as a graphic designer for years, he makes use of that profession to generate a unique visual approach that emancipates itself from its motive – the architecture itself. Intentionally excluding life (or even signs of life) and using unnatural-, artificial perspectives, combined with digital alterations, the buildings merely become templates for his own visual trademark.


Born 1983 in Graz / Styria, Paul Bauer currently lives and works in Vienna. Originally working as a graphic designer, he slowly shifted towards photography, generalizing that profession since 2012. Since then, he has worked with various agencies, published in magazines and participated in several exhibitions. His photographic range focuses on architecture, reportage and editorial.