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Participation at the Exhibition Uncommon Places (2017) | Goethe Institut Hong Kong
An Exhibition in cooperation with Goethe-Institut Hongkong and Austrian Consulate General Hongkong

Laurent Ziegler´s recently done photo series 'Closeness examines ways we are connected with each other, how we reach out, ask and receive, approach or leave one another. How are bonds formed: just discovered or experienced for years? Qualities that are primarily visible to the inner eye. Photography as an attempt to capture the interaction of diversity and the diversity of interaction. Zieglers perception of the body as a landscape structure and a carrier for memory derives from years as a professional dancer where he explored respective issues through different media. His approach is processdriven and focuses on photography as well as on installation and performative work. The series Closeness proves to be a lens through which to look at the fundamental changes in our society. An open space to ruminate over human interaction and its value to our very own existence.


Participation at the Exhibition Uncommon Places //including the Opening Performance by Malika Fankha (Sofia, 2015)
Participation at the VIP Program PARIS PHOTO LOS ANGELES at Fitzpatrick Leland House (2015)

"I seek a state of mind, a closeness to something that I acquire, experience and feel. As a consequence, it escapes and is no longer of interest. My immediacy causes change and manipulation, values are shifted through my presence."
Verortungen is the act of situating oneself inside a landscape and the result of an artistic collaboration between the photographer Laurent Ziegler and the performer Malika Fankha. Both artists deal with the relationship of the individual towards spatial patterns, with the localization of physical and sensual perceptions as imprints on a map, integrated into our experience of the outer landscape. The endless space of emptiness shifts by only a subtle rupture, a confrontation with the living matter. Insights vary in both, appearance and impact. Scars appear, once unequal forces collide, clash at certain points and reveal an injury to the outside. This exposed damage breaks given structures and shows the confrontation with landscapes as a means for a new situatedness.

Verortungen is accompanied by text and sound sculptures by *Malika Fankha (excerpt).
it drops / you drop / dead / it slips / out of your hands / it splits / my world from yours

*Malika Fankha studied theatre and film acting in Zurich and contemporary dance in Salzburg and at NYU Tisch in New York.
She moved to Vienna in 2009 where she started working as a freelance choreographer, performer and DJ. Besides producing her own work - a fusion of spoken word, movement and sound - she has participated in numerous transdisciplinary projects in Austria, Slovenia, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, France and Belgium and has collaborated with other artists such as Tino Sehgal, Deborah Hazler, Ives Thuwis, Hubsi Kramar, Mala Kline & Max Cuccaro, Jürg Halter, Maureen Kaegi, Costas Kekis & Jeans for Jesus.

Recent projects/collaborations
Title: „Keep Us Going“ | Coproduced by: Deborah Hazler, Brut Künstlerhaus
Title: "Add To Favorites" | Coproduced by: Museum of Applied Arts Vienna, Palais Kabelwerk
Title: "Add me! Post me! Like me!" | Coproduced by: Theater Drachengasse, Vienna
Title: "Sting, the doors and the dolls" | Coproduced by: ImPulsTanz Festival
Title: "O.W.L. - the words are not what they seem" | Coproduced by: im_flieger Artist in Residence Program
Title: "I could never be in love with someone whose name looks orange" | Coproduced by: Theatre Schauspielhaus Magdeburg, Germany
Title: „Still Life Without A Magnolia“ | Coproduced by: Maureen Kaegi, International Gallery Weekend Zurich
Title: „Urbanite“ | Coproduced by: Trigger Track Collective, Tanztage Bern, Tanzquartier Wien
Title: „Frihed“ | Coproduced by: MaD (Mom and Dad Cie.) Copenhagen Dance Festival
Title: „Looking For Andy“ | Coproduced by: Mala Kline, Young Dogs Festival Ljubljana


Participation at the Exhibition SENSITIVE VIEWING HABITS | a preview to photo::vienna #1 (2014)

'Vom Vergessen'
is a work in progress with the photographer Laurent Ziegler and the performer Mirjam Morad. Both artists explore the outer landscape with all their senses, yearn for modes to connect with the inner self, with the image as the key agent in this exchange. „There are windows or wavelengths of perception. They are simultaneous and interwoven at any one moment, but we are tuned only to a certain frequency range.“ (Bill Viola, Statements, 1985). Laurent and Mirjam search for ways of re-living, re-embodying memory that is within their boundaries of perception.
Mirjam Morad is a Vienna based performer with strong ties to Kazuo Ohno, one of the founders of Butoh, an avant-garde performance art in postwar Japan. The artists met in 2008 and began collaborating on various themes, related to Butoh.


Laurent Ziegler (MA) was born in Vienna, Austria. He is a freelance photographer with a strong focus on people, performative and documentary work. Laurent studied Political Science at the University of Vienna and Copenhagen. In the 90s, he successfully completed educational programs in contemporary dance and film. Laurent seeks exchanges with dancers and media artists at the interface between performance and documentation. He collaborates with Akram Khan, Ko Murobushi, Georg Blaschke and Eva Petric, amongst others, his work is internationally represented in group and solo exhibitions. Besides, Laurent teaches photography as part of an arts in education program in Sri Lanka.






Photon Gallery Vienna, Austria (installation with the artist Eva Petric)
Odaada Gallery Vienna, Austria („Gras“, installation with Georg Blaschke)
Bildraum Gallery 01 Vienna, Austria („Verortungen“, installation with Malika Fankha)
Dance Identity Festival Burgenland, Austria („Gras“, installation with Georg Blaschke)
Impulstanz Festival Vienna, Austria („Gras“, installation with Georg Blaschke)
Eyes On | Monat der Photographie Vienna, Austria („Coming of Age“, group exhibition with Agnes Prammer, Jelena Kopanja and Phil Samhaber)
Kunst in der Kartause Krems, Austria („Reframe #1“, installation)
Tanec Praha Festival, Czech Republic („Vertical Road“, solo exhibition)
Salon XV Vienna, Austria („Chromolab“, installation with Victoria Coeln)
Danube University Krems, Austria (Campus Culture 10th Anniversary, group exhibition)
Wave Photo Gallery Brescia, Italy („Eyes on Japan“, solo exhibition)
BankArt Theatre Yokohama, Japan („Three“, mixed media performance with Sengiku Bando)
Austrian Cultural Forum Washington DC, United States („un|still“, solo exhibition)


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